Photos of Skagaströnd

Here is a little peek at the little town of Skagaströnd. The town population is around 400. There is a church, a gas station and a grocery store, a gym, an outdoor heated pool and “hot pot” (hot tub), a bank, a pharmacy, and a post office and the residency. Usually the only people I see outside are kids walking back and forth from school, unless it is a rare calm and clear day and then the town starts to buzz with activity! The towns’ economy is largely centered around fishing (which has fluctuated throughout the centuries). An idyllic setting nestled along a natural harbour at the base of towering Spákonufell  (Prophetess Mountain). The mountain is dedicated to the first woman of Skagaströnd that lived here in the 10th century. Apparently she has left a treasure chest hidden by a spell somewhere on the mountain. 

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