Sooke Fine Art Show


The Sooke Fine Art Show is almost here again! It has now been running for 30 years, which makes it Vancouver Island’s longest running, juried art show. It will be open for 11 days, and around 8,000 people are expected to come.

I am honored to be chosen as part of this show! I am excited to be heading out soon to drop off a painting as well as some embossed pieces for the gift shop. I am looking forward to seeing all of the other work that will be in the show! If you haven’t had a chance to go yet, maybe this is the year to go! =)

Reflections on Threshold

A ‘threshold’ is a temporary place in which a person merely passes through. It is an place in between places. A transition. Ephemeral. This word signifies a transient or fading quality in our work, in our subject matter and as we transition out from being students.

Threshold just ended on Friday. The curatorial committee did an excellent job hanging the work and bringing together five very different artist’s work in a way that complimented every piece.  It has been a huge pleasure to spend this past year working with these artists and watching their work take form, develop, and distill. Congratulations Ann Connelly, Joanne Hewko, Judy Reed and Nicola Rendell on creating and bringing together such moving work and also for graduating! I look forward to see where art will lead you next!

Threshold (10)

This photo is of a piece I made for Threshold called Whaling. For this work I “whaled” all the whale-words from a copy of Melville’s Moby Dick, catalogued them into different species and separated them into bottles. For more photos this exhibition click here.


Level Up

Level Up .jpg

This week the Vancouver Island School of Art hosted Level Up, a painting exhibition for the second and third year students. I had the pleasure of not only being part of the show, but also to be involved with the curatorial team that got to hang the work. This exhibition turned out really well and the quality of everyone’s work really showed! It is so nice to look at my work on a clean white wall.

Studio Blog

This painting below is in progress. Lately I have been contemplating the possibility of the whale’s silhouette to become a land form. In fact… the whale is a form of land. Let me explain. I recently was reading about a creature that lives on whales and uses them as a stand in for an inter-tidal zonethe barnacle. Because whales breath air they must continually  surface, functioning, to the barnacle, like a rock at low tide.