Residency > Czech Republic 2017

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In early 2017 I had the pleasure of participating in the Milkwood Artist Residency in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic. During this residency I was offered the opportunity to be part of an exhibition with Bruce Pashak, a Canadian artist also at this residency, at Galerie D9 in the Ceske Budejovice University. During the three weeks of the residency, I created over 100 highly detailed drawings of life forms that I witnessed by/on/in the Vltava River. This is the longest river in the Czech Republic and  have been incredibly influential in the development of early settlements and the eventual growth of the country. Despite the winter weather, I was able to find many life forms gathered at the river: birds, fish, plants, animals and people. The drawings were created using an ink pot and dip pen. After the drawings were finished, I cut them out and mounted them to the wall in the shape of the Vltava River snaking its way across the gallery. In this way the river is represented by the life that flocks to it.