Terrēnus Paterna

Terrēnus Paterna is an accumulation of delicate gouache paintings of people and places from my family history, bound together as a sculptural book. Since leaving their native country about 400 years ago, and settling across three continents, my ancestors have called many places home — all between the 50th and 60th latitude lines. The shape is the central concept of this artwork. twenty-four pages radiate from the center. Each page represents a line of longitude stemming from the North Pole. The folds in the pages represent circles of latitude. The outer pages of this piece represent the geographical locations between 50° and 60° where my family lived. A ring around the north.  

This artwork is dedicated to my paternal grandmother, Clara, who lived with my parents and passed away during the creation of this project at the age of 99½ years old. She is dearly missed and loved.