Cetology Exhibition Opening

I still feel like I am coming down off of a high from the opening! It has been a whirlwind these past few days that I haven’t had a lot of time to stop and think. Even in my dreams I was stringing triangles. Yet all of a sudden the exhibition is installed and the opening has arrived. It was a blustery, wet and cold day yesterday. It is spring weather here but back home it would be considered the middle of winter. We weren’t sure if many people would come to the opening because the weather was so dreary and wet but sure enough the gallery filled! There was a very nice program at the opening: two short talks given by local, distinguished contemporary artists. They discussed my work and how they interpreted it and spoke about the importance of art. Afterwards I was asked to speak and I summarized my art practice, the exhibition and my processes. I was completely blown away by the reactions that people seemed to have to the work. I was immediately approached by a lovely woman that brought me an art catalogue, telling me about another artist that I might be interested in learning about and excitedly talked about how important it is to connect art and science. Other people mentioned similar things to me as well and seemed to be engaging with the work and interacting with the installation. I feel so honoured that people came to spend time with my work.

I sometimes forget that art is about sharing because it often feels so personal and introspective–from working on your own to spending time alone thinking about it quietly. But something changes when other people, strangers, look at the art, interpret it and let it impact them. It somehow becomes complete because art is about sharing. Sharing ideas, thoughts, feelings and stories. Art is a gathering place and produces community and that community is very strong here in Petrozavodsk.

3 thoughts on “Cetology Exhibition Opening

  1. Lovely! So delighted that you’ve scored yet more admirers, and these in a “far-off” place. I so appreciate your observations re: commonalities and resonance across the world. You are a perfect ambassador for this set of values!

  2. Congratulations…Natasha I am so happy for you. You have worked for this and you are sharing your beautiful gift. Your description of the opening was so well and sensitively written you are creative in your writing also, Have an amazing experience & fun Natasha.Thank you for sharing.

    Jo Ann

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