It’s pouring! (seawater that is)

It’s always a little strange to come home after being away. The time I spent in Russia was so rich with experiences that I feel like a part of me changed inside. After an experience like this it takes a little bit of time to get used to being home again. I find myself wanting NVN_0169to create a new “normal”. I feel energized and excited to see what is in store for the future. Right now the future means preparing for the Moss Street Paint-In and the Sooke Fine Arts Show. I have also been lucky to have a new studio at the Vancouver Island School of Art! It is wonderful to have a fresh space to create in and spend focused time working on pieces for these events.

Something that I have been looking forward to doing again is more seawater drawings. These drawings are very temperamental and can only be done during certain times of year due to weather conditions.  There are many factors that have play in this process: temperature, wind, humidity, water clarity, etc. Here are some process photos of a couple pieces I  have been working on this afternoon.


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