Settling In

Today is the forth day that we have been in Skagaströnd and I think I am starting get more used to the way things work here. For example: going outside. It’s not as easy as I used to think. To go outside requires: long johns, pants, base layer and a sweater or two, then rain paints, scarf, bulky winter coat, hiking shoes, crampons for the ice, gloves and toque. So, as you can imagine it is a process to go outside. And coming in is harder because everything is covered in snow or rain. In Victoria I would consider this a lengthy ceremony, but here it’s not a big deal. It’s just part of life. But I still don’t think I understand the lack of daylight. Since coming here I have been having trouble sleeping. The first few nights I thought it was because the wind was incredibly loud. The next night I blamed it on the fact that there was not any wind at all. The strangest thing that I can’t figure out is that despite the lack of sleep, when I wake up in the morning I feel rested. All day long I feel good. In fact it is difficult to go to bed because I simply don’t feel tired. I think it must have something to do with the excess of darkness… but I am not sure why.


Things are going well in the studio. Well, they are really just getting started so maybe it is hard to say how it is going. But I am enjoying it and finding that ideas are coming. During my time here I am focusing on experimentation and “play”. Yesterday I was finally able to collect some seawater by carefully climbing down a breakwater because the sea was relatively calm. We were also able to walk out of town along the beach to see what has been washing on shore. There was lots of seaweeds and a few shells, like barnacle and clam, a starfish and a recently eaten sea urchin. I brought back a couple shells and a holdfast to draw in the studio but they smell incredibly strong, so I have decided to rinse them and leave them outside for the time being. Maybe I will have to brave the cold and draw them outside. We will see.
It is just after 4pm and I will be heading back to the residency house soon because a storm is possibly coming around 8pm. We were going to have artist talks tomorrow but that has been postponed in case it is too difficult to go outside tomorrow. So I will wrap up this post now and collect some supplies in case I will be working inside tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes in my next post. 😉

One thought on “Settling In

  1. I truly appreciate that you are noting your physiological reactions to the atmospheric changes…light, sound, temperature…as these (as well as air quality) probably influence your being in big ways. Interesting about the seeming need for less sleep, and yet feeling sufficiently rested. Thank you for this post.

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