Picture by Post Project

A lot of things are up in the air and changing these days. I am finding myself looking forward to more “time off” (AKA studio time) than I was expecting. As a way to beet the social distancing blues I came up with the following project… Picture by Post! 

Would you like to receive a mystery artwork in the mail?
I have recently been inspired to start a new project… Picture by Post! Combining two things I love – mail & art. For $10 I will create an original 5″x7″ drawing or painting and mail it to you.

Why do it?
🔹 So you can look forward to receiving “fun” mail

🔹 Buy really affordable art

🔹Maintain social distance by receiving through the post

🔹Anticipate a surprise!

🔹Support local art 👍

You can expect any of the following:

  • A watercolour 🖌
  • Pen & ink drawing 🖋
  • Graphite drawing ✏
  • Gouache painting 🖌
  • Imaginary sea creatures
  • Whale drawings
  • Ocean inspired themes
  • Or whatever I feel like creating in the moment!

How to participate:

  • Contact me to request a mystery artwork and send me your mailing address (or the address of a friend!)
  • Payment via e-transfer
  • Sit back and look forward to collecting your artwork from your very own mail box!

Picture by Post poster

5 thoughts on “Picture by Post Project

  1. Natasha, I would love to get one of your pictures. Let me know how to proceed for the paiement. Do I just do a e-transfer using this email address? My address is: 1231 Palmer Road, Victoria, BC V8P 2H8

    Keep safe, Martine


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