My new old kiwi car

Hello from New Zealand!

We have sublet our apartment, sold our car, given up our jobs and are currently living out of backpacks. This weeks’ goal was to buy a car. We have now walked to many districts in Christchurch and added at least 80 kilometers of wear to our shoes (as well as a few blisters and sunburns). It has been exhausting and there were times when I felt like we would never get out of the city. But today was a happy day as we are now proud owners of a 1997 kiwi car. A bonus is that my very minimal knowledge of vehicles has grown significantly.

I am looking forward to what will be instore for us over the next few months. The landscape is inspiring, the nature is exciting and strange and I cannot wait to see the ocean! Along with focusing on my art practice and learning about the local whales and conservation/research that is happening here we are also excited to spend time volunteering on organic farms.

Coming from a place where whales have also played a significant roll in its history, culture, and development it will be interesting to see if the parallels and similarities between New Zealand and British Columbia.

NZ tidbit of the day: Did you know that New Zealand boasts 38 species of cetaceans?

NZ whales

One thought on “My new old kiwi car

  1. Embrace this adventure fully, Natasha, as I know you can! I’ll enjoy your posts along the way. Best wishes to you both.

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