We have now moved down the South Island in New Zealand to the Otago region of New Zealand (yay for having a vehicle). We have been working in the mornings (WWOOFing) and then exploring in the afternoons. It really is a great exchange. Not only are we getting to experience some interesting life styles and help out on the farms, but we have also been able to stay in some pretty spectacular places.

The Otago region is my favourite area of New Zealand. Largely because of the coast lines. Rolling, green hills come to dramatic ends, rocky cliff faces plunge down to the sea and the white sand beaches are so fine that your feet make squeaking sounds across its’ surface. When we went to the sea yesterday I found something that I wasn’t expecting to find. Something that I have grown quite fond of lately but hadn’t seen yet in person. Krill. I knew it instantly. These little guys had been washed up, left along the high tide line and dried by the sun. Since creating my Swarm installation at the fifty fifty arts collective I have been especially keen to see these little guys in person. Unfortunately they wen’t alive anymore, but they did make for excellent drawing subjects. Reminder to self: when at the beach always remember to look at your feet.

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