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Traveling as an artist has been a learning experience because my “studio” is now condensed into a carry on bag. Artists often predetermine parameters before approaching an artwork or series: restricted colours, size restraints, time limits, etc. Travel also forces limitations and they start when I pack my bag. I can’t bring everything. What will I need? What will I miss? The supplies I choose will have a huge impact on the art I create. Yes, it is possible to purchase or find items while traveling, but there is no grantee you will find what you are looking for, or what you are used to. This is a great opportunity to practice some economy with supplies. What will give me the most mileage? What are the essentials? What are those comfort/favourite tools I can’t do without? It is challenging to make these choices and I can’t say that I enjoy making them. For the sake of sharing, I thought I would give you a sneak peak at what is in my current art travel supply kit.
Travel art supplies .jpg

A. Traveler’s notebook (Field sketchbook)
B. Embroidery scissors
C. Parker black ink
D. Container of krill*
E. Pentalic sketchbook (for tiny drawings)
F. Pencil sharpener
G. Homemade pen
H. #4 & #6 watercolour brushes
I. Found water dish (mussel shell)
J. Pentel .25 ball point pen
K. Water brush
L. TWISBI fountain pen
M. Accordion sketchbook (illustrated map of experiences)
N. Watercolour sketchbook
O. Water (ocean)
P. Schmincke case with watercolours and gouache
Q. 4B & 5B pencils
R. Blank watercolour postcard pack 
*I have been carrying around this container of krill for 6 weeks and can’t bare to part with them. I am not totally clear on my reasoning, but they are now part my art supply kit.

One thought on “Art to Go

  1. Love seeing your posts and photos Natasha. I always find it interesting to see the tools and materials an arist selects to use while travelling. I enjoyed seeing your travelling art kit. Have fun! Jill xo

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