When the hard bits become the good bits

For some reason I find this entry hard to write. Possibly because it’s 3:30am. Or maybe its the annoying peppy music the airport is playing.

So where to start? It’s funny how when you are going home you feel the need to summarize. To neatly package up your experience into something clean. “How was your trip?” Hmmm. “It was good.” just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes you can’t tie experiences into neat little packages. Especially when it’s messy, falling apart and pushed your limits.  It’s been a strange feeling not having a “home” or a place to call my own. It has been 9 months since I slept in my own bed (and two more to go still). It has been even longer since I have worked in a studio setting–and I really miss it. I had to think differently about making art and what that looks like to me at the moment. Flexibility. Planning is important, but it has its limits. Learn to roll with the punches.

You may remember a while back when I wrote about how difficult it was to find art supplies. Well, I am not sure if I should admit this or not, but after I competed the 63 Maui Dolphin installation of drawings I tried using my fountain pen again. The one I brought from Canada. I thought it wasn’t the correct nib size and so I fashioned one from a pop can, duct tape and a stick… well, the one I brought worked after all. Yup. All that stress was meaningless. I like to think I am at least learning important lessons. So why am I rambling on about pens? Other than it’s been far to long since I slept. I guess because looking back the hard parts don’t look so hard and they actually become the good parts. Sometimes.

The hum of the departure terminal is growing. The music is still pumping. Thoughts towards home. It is easier to face the unknown when you are in the unfamiliar. We decided to come back to Canada a bit earlier than expected for a few reasons. One reason being that I have been honoured to be invited to create an installation at the City Atrium Gallery in the North Van City Hall this September! I am really excited about this space. It has a lot of potential. I will have my work cut out for me this summer. Stay tuned for more updates to come.

Water, sand and shadows

Water, sand and shadows. Piha, New Zealand

4 thoughts on “When the hard bits become the good bits

  1. Natasha, it is always comforting to have your take on the world. I love that you get philosophical at 3:00 am. Most of us would just be grumpy!
    Big congrats on the North Van installation coming up. This is very exciting to hear. And…welcome home.

  2. So excited to hear about your upcoming installation. Look forward to hearing all about NZ and your plans for your work in North Vancouver. Congratulations! You know where we are. Jill

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