Lists of Lists

It has been a very busy fall for me. I have been working nightshifts, which has allowed me the opportunity to spend my days focusing on my art practice. I had a long list of things that I was finally going to get around to doing, like organizing images, documenting work, applying for shows/residencies/grants, being more regular with my blog posts (oops), and of course spending extra time drawings and painting. I have now come to realization that I am absolutely terrible at estimating the time it takes me to complete administrative tasks. I am afraid to say that my list is still long, and I am starting to feel like it will always be that way. It has been a good experience to actually buckle down and try to tackle some of these tasks that I always used to put off. It has been a season of growing and for that I am very thankful. Unfortunately I haven’t spent as much time working on art as I would have liked, but I remind myself that things come in seasons. And I actually have gotten to make work–it is just never enough time. It is not probably a good thing not to be content, because it pushes you ahead. It really does feel good to complete some of these things I have been putting off. I absolutely recommend checking off that task that has been secretly eating away at you. Just be careful not to let your list get you down and discouraged. You can only do one thing at a time. (I say these words of advice for my own benefit.) I struggle with finding a balance between the administrative side of my practice and studio time. I tend to spend time focusing on either one or the other, not necessarily integrating them. A new season is just around the corner.

Skagastrond, image from NES website

Which leads me to announce that I am honoured to have been offered a residency at the NES Artist Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland, for the month of January! A new season. I am looking forward to totally focusing on creating work again and experimenting in the studio. I will be participating in this residency with at least four other international artists. Also, my amazing husband is coming with me! Doing residencies have been some of the most rewarding experiences for me in my art practice: trying to find art supplies, being pushed out of your comfort zone, meeting other artists and talking about my work. I will write more about my project in the upcoming weeks. Receiving this residency has prompted me to do some new things that I haven’t done before: writing grant proposals, setting up an Etsy shop for my new Christmas cards, and participating in holiday artisan markets. It has been a learning curve! But well worth it.

NES studio, image from NES website

My list is still long. But it is okay. One thing at a time. And you know what? Now I can check off “write a blog post” from my list.

2 thoughts on “Lists of Lists

  1. Congratulations, Natasha! I am so impressed by your dedication to your art, and delighted that you have another amazing opportunity ahead! Well done!

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