A new place for a new year

As I write this post I am sitting in our room at a lovely Airbnb. In the dark. Listening to what I can only describe as a colourful array of an assortment of various firecrackers and fireworks. Booming and echoing and re-echoing across the city of Reykjavik.

We left home in Canada before the crack of drawn with my brother–so generously giving up his sleep to drive us to catch an early ferry. As my husband and I sat at the stern of the boat talking, something incredible happened. The point of water I had chosen to stare at, not far from the vessel, erupted. A giant, orca suddenly burst from the waves, turning his body sideways and reveling a striking display of black and white on his belly. They were everywhere. Giant creatures! The pod must have consisted of about 12 individuals. It was an amazing send off. =)

After flying for about 8 hours we arrived in Iceland’s capital. Greeted by a thick blanket of heavy, misting rain and a driving wind. And, of course, darkness. What a relief to finally have arrived. I no longer need to worry about how I will be able to pack my belongings and art supplies into a single carry-on bag and “personal item”. We did it! Success!

The sounds of the fireworks and firecrackers are growing in intensity. It sounds like they are going off just outside our window. And I think they actually are! There is literally no silence between the sounds of exploding anymore. It is 9:30pm and there is a feeling of growing anticipation for midnight and ringing in the New Year! It is a nice feeling to look forward. I hope that you are also looking forward to the New Year and I wish you all the best. May 2020 bring you new revelations, feelings of hope, joys and purpose. God bless you. =)

3 thoughts on “A new place for a new year

  1. I am happy that you are beginning 2020 with this adventure! Thank you for sharing on this post. I am looking forward to sharing your discoveries .. what an amazing opportunity! I feel you are so ready for it..you are a very creative artist Natasha! And how wonderful you are sharing it with your husband! Happy New Year to you both 🎉🎉🥂🍾🎊🥳🥳

    Jo Ann

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  2. We’ve been reading your post with a huge smile on our faces. We do hope fireworks didn’t stop you to rest after so long journey. We keep our fingers crossed for you and your job and wish you all the best! And pls remember you are always welcome here.

    Regards, Aleksandra & Darek

    • Hello Aleksandra and Darek! It was such a pleasure to read your comments. 🙂 The fireworks were such a highlight for us–especially going to the hill with both to ring in the new year! Thank you! 🙂

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